The 6 best unique bar experiences

Over the last couple of years, the liquor industry has shifted and people are wanting more than a typical vodka and cranberry style drink.  Consumers are looking for new experiences when they head out for a night on the town.  My favorite places to go are bars where the mixologists should be wearing lab coats because of how complicated the drink making process is compared to a normal bar.  Many people also like going to breweries and distilleries where you can learn the process of making the beer or liquor while trying all of the different varieties.

We are hoping Vaportini will incorporate into this experience driven culture, and believe we can help add on to these style of experiences.  We are involved with 7 Fathoms Rum (distillery room), and the Ritz Carlton in Vail CO (scotch tastings) just to name a couple.


Lachlan Morris Cayman Islands

Below is a list of places on the bar experience bucket list

  • Cloud Bar in London UK (the have a room filled with alcohol vapor)
  • 7 Fathoms Rum Distillery in the Cayman Islands (Vaportini tasting and they have an old fashioned copper still)
  • Scofflaw in Chicago (they have some of the best craft cocktails in the world and serve free chocolate chip cookies at midnight)
  • Signature Lounge in Chicago (A bar on the 95th floor, what else needs to be said)
  • Angel’s Share in New York (Sushi, craft cocktails, in a speakeasy setting)
  • Skybar in LA (rooftop setting with drinks and a pool)






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