Top 4 Places to Try a Vaportini



There are quite a few different places in the world where you can try out a Vaportini.  I have traveled to most of the places the product is being used and had a variety of experiences.  For someone that has never heard of Vaportini, I think this will help explain some of the benefits, and pleasure you can get from the product.  Some of the different establishments we work with sell the product as a stand-alone experience, while others pair it with an actual drink along side, and some chef’s are pairing with a dinner course or a desert course.


10th Mountain Whiskey tasting room




7 Fathoms Rum tasting room

We have 2 distilleries that use the product.  10th Mountain Whiskey in Vail, CO and 7 Fathoms Rum in the Cayman Islands.  You can tour both of these distilleries for a small fee and try all of the different varieties of sprits that they produce.  Both also give the option of trying the varieties in a Vaportini while you are there, as well as purchase the product.  They both like people to try their spirits this way because of the nuanced flavors that are brought out through inhalation when comparing to drinking the spirit.  Think about it this way.  When you drink bourbon neat vs. on the rocks, you get more flavor when it is neat because of the warmer temperature of the bourbon.  The Vaportini warms it up more, bringing out more flavor.


Inside the Ritz-Carlton (Bachelors Gulch)

The Ritz-Carlton, also in Vail, CO, uses the Vaportini for scotch and cigar tastings.  It is a beautiful log cabin rustic atmosphere that fits into the style of Vail perfectly.  It is a ski resort with a large mountain just behind the rooms, and they fully cater entire wedding parties.  They have special events where they have multiple high-end scotches for tastings that they match cigars with, to get a full experience.  They will explain how to get the best flavors, by sipping the drink, waiting a few seconds to try the Vaportini, and finally a puff from your cigar that is tailored to match.


mEAT on Halsted



mEAT in Chicago has been serving up great food, and a great atmosphere in Chicago for a few years.  I love Chicago, and it holds a special place in my heart.  It is located in boystown on Halsted.  They serve a few different varieties of special concoctions for the Vaportini.  My favorite thing that they have done is pair a Manhattan style infusion with their chocolaty deserts.  It is a perfect balance that brings out the flavor of the chocolate and vice versa to where the chocolate brings out the flavor of the Manhattan flavor.  It adds a unique experience to cap off the dinner portion of the night.  The owner also own the club next door Minibar, so stay for the party after dinner!

I hope this gives a good idea for understanding the different purposes of our invention and how it can make your experiences more enjoyable.  If you have any feedback please contact us at  Below is a video of the Vaportini experience described.

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