My Top 5 Writers, and their Drinks of Choice

Fun Little Quiz

We are going to start this off with a quiz.  Can you match the drink of choice with the Author?


  • A.) Hunter S. Thompson                                                 1.) The mojito
  • B.) William Faulkner                                                      2.) Beer
  • C.) Ernest Hemmingway                                                3.) Mint Julep
  • D.) Stephen King                                                             4.) Wild Turkey
  • E.) Truman Capote                                                         5.) Screwdriver

For a hint, here are the pictures of the authors.





A.)Hunter S. Thompson, who was the political pulse of the late sixties and early seventies loved whiskey and Wild Turkey in particular.  While going into a political arena he would carry around a glass of Wild Turkey on the rocks, because it “looked like tea” to the lay person.  Hunter was very intolerant of the ignorant yet at the same time pronounced with his drink, which is genius on an esoteric level.   4.) Wild Turkey

B.) William Faulkner, Faulkner would not typically drink while writing, but preferred to binge at the end of writing.  On occasion, he would though, and here is a quote from one of his publishers. “The maddening thing about Bill Faulkner was that he’d go off on one of those benders, which were sometimes deliberate, and when he came out of it, he’d come walking into the office clear-eyed, ready for action, as though he hadn’t had a drink in six months. But during those bouts he didn’t know what he was doing. He was helpless. His capacity wasn’t very great; it didn’t take too much to send him off. Occasionally, at a good dinner, with the fine wines and brandy he loved, he would miscalculate. Other times I think he pretended to be drunk to avoid doing something he didn’t want to do.”  3.) Mint Julep

C.) Ernest Hemmingway, The most famous of my listed drinking writers.  Hemmingway drank alcohol to detriment but also was a tool in his greater works.  It actually hurt him, physically, yet helped him produce some of his best work.  Alcohol was spiritual.  At times he drank purely for the effect, but other times he drank only for the lovely feeling one can only get from drinking a perfectly mixed drink under a starry night on the water.  It was a true vice. 1.) Mojito

D.) Stephen King, Mr. King didn’t drink and write a lot, but he did a lot of re-writes while drinking beer alone at the end of the night.  He has said he wasn’t that creatively comfortable while drinking, but liked to revise the original, creative stories while drinking.  2.) Beer

E.) Truman Capote, Most writers are social people in general.  Truman might be the most social person in history.  He loved schmoozing, even people that he was going to write about negatively.  He described his books in over-the-top fashion, before he ever wrote them.  Some of his credentials are Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood, but his lessor known books are also genius.  He referred to his drink of choice as “my orange drink”.   5.) Screwdriver