Effects of Using a Vaportini

Vaportini is an amazing experience.  It is fun to see people try it for the first time and their faces light up, but it is difficult to describe until you try one.  As soon as you try it you will understand the effect, but here is how the technical part of a Vaportini works.


I am going to explain in detail how a spirit works on your system and how it disperses the alcohol throughout the body when you use a Vaportini.  When you inhale from using your Vaportini it metabolizing a bit different than when you take a drink.  It stays in your system for a total of about 20 minutes (depending on your metabolism), while consuming a drink in the typical fashion will take hours for that drink to be processed.

The Globevaportini_012

Our process is what makes Vaportini safe and enjoyable it starts with the design of the globe.  It must be very thin glass to disperse the heat correctly and it must be a certain size to maintain a consistent amount of vapor.  We heat the globe up to right around 140 degrees and the alcohol that is inside begins to turn into vapor.  This is called thermal vaporization and happens slowly.  After a few minutes you will see on the inside of the globe droplets of liquid forming on the sides.  The droplets will turn into streaks and running back down into the spirit at the bottom of the globe.  This is the vapor turning into liquid again, and means the globe is full of vapor.  There is enough vapor form 1 large inhale and then the globe will take 5 seconds or so, for the globe to refill with vapor, so there is only a finite amount of vapor a person inhale.

vaportiniAmount of Each Inhale

Because the globe can only hold a finite amount each inhale you take will be very consistent.  Each inhale you take is like a tiny sip from a drink, not like a shot.  1 ounce of alcohol will have anywhere between 30-60 inhales before the alcohol is exhausted for the average person.  There is quite a bit of variation because everyone inhales a different amount each time.  Also, for the average person it takes 24 inhales before you can reach of a BAC of .08, the legal driving limit.  It takes the average person 15-20 minutes to inhale that many times.


The results of this these different aspects in combination is that a Vaportini can have you reach a BAC of .1 within 20 minutes but with continuous use you will stay at the same BAC, varying between .08 and .1.  At the 20 minute mark the alcohol will start leaving your body as quickly as it comes into your system with each subsequent inhale.  When you are completely finished using the Vaportini all effects will last for 20 minutes or so, and the effects will be gone and all alcohol will be out of your system and your BAC will be back to zero.  Please take a look at our FAQ page to see the study that we had done to confirm this is exactly how the product works.  https://vaportini5.wpengine.com/pages/faqs/