Vaportini : Essential for the High End Home Bar

Vaportini is an essential product for any connoisseur, it truly makes the enjoyment of spirits a more interesting experience.  Whether having a night on the town, relaxing in, or hosting a extravagant dinner party, Vaportini can add a unique twist to the evening.  There are several ways that Vaportini can elevate any event.

The main thing to keep in mind is that Vaportini brings out the flavors and subtleties of a spirit that may be elusive when consumed in the traditional way.  So, that incredibly expensive bottle of Scotch can be more fully appreciated when consumed with a Vaportini. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what The Ritz-Carlton in Vail, CO uses Vaportini for, scotch tastings, side by side with traditional drinking.  Vaportini is also used in numerous distillery tasting rooms because of how well the product works as a tasting tool.  Now, you can go toe-to-toe with that pretentious friend that goes on and on about the subtle notes of leather or wood in his favorite Whisky. After all, these subtleties are perhaps the most important part of assessing a whisky. Most spirits will reveal more to your olfactory system than to your palate; in fact, as most experts will say, tasting is simply to confirm what your nose has already told you.

Vaportini doesn’t have to be a replacement for drinking, but a compliment to it.  When having a few friends over, a Vaportini and a few straws can be set out for everyone to share.  The globe can be picked up and pass it around at any point, in this way everyone can casually enjoy the experience.

Some customers use Vaportini as a replacement for drinking and have compared it to enjoying a nice wine.  It truly is hard to describe without having the experience, but again, its all about the flavor.  Keep in mind that Vaportini works with spirits, not wine or beer.  Please visit this link to another article about the effects of consuming a spirit with Vaportini.

Vaportini is perfect to pair with courses at a dinner party and will add a unique and memorable flair to the night.  Any spirit can be infused with herbs, spices, dried fruit, and/or citrus peel. Two of my all time favorites are, tarragon and lemon infused Vodka paired with seared scallops, and dried cherry infused Bourbon paired with a dense flourless chocolate cake (that one’s a no brainer).  One Vaportini can be used for each course and is sufficient for up to 6 guests to share. There are so many unique combinations that can be created, so go nuts, curried Gin or Chai Rum might become a favorite. Visit the infusions page on our website for more ideas.
The last and potentially most important aspect of consuming alcohol with Vaportini is the obligation that we all have to responsibly imbibe.  The effects of a spirit consumed with Vaportini are felt almost immediately, but fade quickly too, good news for the designated driver.  This might sound a little weird, but the effects of a Vaportini last around 15-20 minutes.  Now your designated driver does not have to be just an observer, but can imbibe until 20 minutes before driving to allow the inebriating effect of alcohol to be out of their system.