What is it?

A revolutionary way to consume alcohol, it is inhaled rather than swallowed. The taste of the individual spirit is smooth and flavorful with the subtleties coming through beautifully.

Classic Deluxe Kit

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What is the Vaportini?

The Vaportini is an elegant and simple device that introduces a revolutionary way to consume alcohol, in that it is inhaled rather than swallowed. Through vaporisation, the taste of the individual spirits becomes smooth and flavourful with the subtleties coming through beautifully. The spirit a person consumes with a Vaportini imitates the effects of the Finnish tradition of pouring vodka over hot coals in a sauna and inhaling the fragrant fumes. Vaporised alcohol contains no impurities, almost no calories, and no carbs. The effects are felt rapidly, giving you more immediate control of your imbibing.

How does it work?

A candle is lit and placed in the base of your Vaportini. Then, a shot or 1oz of spirit is poured with a funnel into the Vaportini sphere and then placed on top of the base. In 5 minutes the spirit is ready to consume. Depending on your approach, the alcohol will stay ``active`` for approximately 30 minutes before the alcohol is exhausted.

Can I Use Any Liquor?

Vaportini is not intended for beer or wine - any spirit with a minimum alcohol content of 35% is recommended. However, aged spirits with complex flavors are associated with a better experience. Also flavored fruity spirits become more pronounced and hardier spirits have a bolder taste. Experiment with the Vaportini to find your favorite choices!

Why Should I Try a Vaportini?

The Vaportini is a revolutionary new way to consume alcohol and provides an experience that can be shared with friends and families in a variety of social gatherings.

Low Calories

When using a Vaportini, alcohol is inhaled rather than the traditional approach and consequently renders a different method of absorption. This significantly reduces the intake of calories for the consumer.

No Hangover

Responsibly imbibing with the Vaportini reduces the intake of many of the impurities that are present in distilled alcohol such as acetaldehyde which is reponsible for the debilitating day-after hangovers. This makes the Vaportini the perfect solution for those who have to work the next day.

More Flavor

The Vaportini is known for bringing out the subtleties and complex flavors of a wide variety of spirits. Bold flavors and subtle notes are exposed with the vaportini which makes this an essential product for any connoisseur.