5 Essential Pieces of Glassware

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of alcohol and you are starting build your own home bar you will find out how important the proper glassware is very quickly.  It is not just a pretentious part in act of consuming al     cohol but it can change the flavors and smells that come from a properly made

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How to Infuse for Vaportini

I am going to go over the exact steps for infusing your favorite spirits for your Vaportini.  First I will discuss the physical process, and then the flavors profiles to think about when you are infusing. Physical Process The physical process can is fairly simple and you will follow the same process no matter what

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My Top 5 Writers, and their Drinks of Choice

Fun Little Quiz We are going to start this off with a quiz.  Can you match the drink of choice with the Author?   A.) Hunter S. Thompson                                                 1.) The mojito B.) William Faulkner                                                      2.) Beer C.) Ernest Hemmingway                                                3.) Mint Julep D.) Stephen King                                                             4.) Wild Turkey E.) Truman Capote                                                         5.) Screwdriver For a hint, here are the pictures

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