Vaportini has received a lot of media coverage and has even been featured in a few TV shows. Below you will find some of the media coverage that has made Vaportini so popular and we have also included links to external websites with more information. | We Vaped Alcohol And It Was Surprisingly Great

Vaping alcohol sounds like a fictional way to binge-drink dreamed up by paranoid parents. Remember vodka tampons? So we had our doubts with the Vaportini, a gadget that allows you to literally inhale booze. But after putting it through comprehensive tests, we are surprised to conclude that vaping alcohol is awesome. Read More >

Wired Magazine | Raise Your

The final frontier of drinking will come when we no longer have to drink at all. And the Vaportini is a clever yet surprisingly low-tech way of accomplishing just that. This simple kit revolves around a glass sphere with a small hole in it. Pour a shot of your favorite tipple through the hole… Read More > | A Way to Vaporize your Cocktails

The Vaportini is pioneering a new way of boozing. Here’s the deal on how to use the Vaportini: First, you pour about 1½ ounces of a strong liquor into a globe-like sphere using a funnel provided in the kit, then put a tea candle in the bottom of a pint glass, light it and set the globe on top of the glass… Read More >

los-angeles-times-vaportiniLA Times | Meet the Vaportini

Most of us drink our alcohol the old-fashioned way. We shoot it back in shots, sip it cold with a couple of olives in a martini or on ice with a lime, or even gulp it upside down through a keg funnel. But we usually don’t inhale it. The Vaportini, a new device on the market, lets you do just that. Read More >

NYTimes/ | The End of Cuisine

A mixture of vanilla extract and vodka was heated by a votive candle so that the eater could inhale the aroma through a straw. Read More >