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Our products bring out the complex flavors and sweet aromas of fine liquors by heating up alcohol and inhaling the vapor.

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How to Use

Place the candle in the bottom of a standard pint glass and ignite it.

Place the metal Vaportini mount on top of your pint glass and make sure that it is secured.

Place the funnel into the opening of the globe and add about 1-1.5 ounced of spirit to the Vaportini globe. *Note: Do not refill Vaportini globe while hot.

Place the Vaportini globe on top of the ring with the opening facing up. Do not attempt to refill a Vaportini globe while it is hot.

After you have placed the Vaportini orb on your pint glass it will begin to heat up. Watch carefully as the alcohol begins to vaporize in the orb. A clear vapor will begin to emerge as the candle heats up the alcohol.

Insert a small Vaportini straw into the opening of the globe and make sure it is above the liquid. Inhale deeeply, hold the vapors for a few seconds and exhale. Only the alcohol vapors should be consumed.

How to Order

All orders are shipped within one business day. We ship orders with USPS Standard Shipping it is reliable and economical ground shipping.

Although we quickly deliver packages to our customers we do ship with USPS Ground Shipping which means all packages will typically arrive within 3-5 business days from shipping. In the event that you would like your package to be expedited please contact our customer support through our contact form or by contacting (812) 264-6718

If you have questions about your order or would like to learn more about our products please contact us through our online contact form. We have a fast response time and our goal is to deliver outstanding service to our customers. You may also contact us by contacting our phone support at (812) 264-6718.

We do ship internationally and offer our amazing customer service to customers all around the world. We work hard to offer a quality product and we want our customers to feel confident they will get quality service when they buy our product.

Returning a product is often times not simple but our goal is to offer a streamlined procedure for customers to return their order. To return a product please contact our customer support phone line or contact us through our online contact form to explain the situation. Upon approval, we are happy to process your return or offer an exchange. We will refund a customer the purchase price, however shipping price is not included.

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