Terms & Conditions

The general Terms and Conditions listed are applicable to any person who uses the website Vaportini, Inc.

Article 1

You acknowledge that you are over 21 years of age or older.  This product and website are intended for use by people who are 21 and older only.  We reserve the right to deny service to any person we believe to be under the age of 21 with or without notice.

Article 2

You affirm that you will comply with all instructions listed on the website with the use of this product.  You also affirm that you will not use the product for anything but its intended purpose or in any unlawful way.

Article 3

Vaportini, Inc. reserves the right to terminate your access to any services at any time for any reason without notice or liability.

Article 4

All offers made by Vaportini, Inc. are without commitment until you have received acknowledgement from Vaportini, Inc. at which point the agreement is concluded.  You acknowledge that you are aware of proper use of the product and comply with the legal requirements for the use of the product. All products are for the use of spirits with the alcohol proof of 70 to 100 only.

Article 5

Shipping will be concluded within a maximum 30 days of the order.  If it is not Vaportini, Inc. will notify you in an e-mail in which case you are able to terminate the contract by notifying Vaportini, Inc. in an e-mail or in writing.  At this point you will be refunded all money within 30 days, without any further liability.

Article 6

There is risk of damage of the product during shipping.  Vaportini, Inc. will incur this risk until delivery is complete, at this point liability will pass to you.

Article 7

After receiving the product you can cancel the order within a 7 day period if the package is still factory sealed.  You will bear the risk during transportation.  In this case, notify Vaportini, Inc. in an e-mail and ship the item back and you will be refunded all money within 30 days.  Your postage will not be refunded.

Article 8

Complaints about the delivered products will be handled if the product is returned within 30 days of delivery.  Vaportini, Inc.  will need a detailed description of the defect; after this time has elapsed the product will be considered satisfactory by the customer.  If the complaint is justified the product with the defect will be replaced in a timely fashion without any cost for damages incurred by the customer. If Vaportini grants a refund it will be for the purchase price.

Article 9

Liability for defective parts will be limited to the direct parts, but no indirect cause unless the cause is gross negligence or willful intent by Vaportini, Inc.  Vaportini, Inc. will not assume liability if the damages caused are from any unintended use of the product.  You hereby agree that any violation of the Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions dissolve Vaportini, Inc. of any liability of any claim.

Article 10

Vaportini, Inc. cannot and does not guarantee that customs does not confiscate the product ordered by the customer, nor will Vaportini be liable for any customs charges.  Vaportini, Inc. will not refund any payments in this instance.  Vaportini is not responsible for any customs charges within the country of purchaser.

Article 11

Vaportini, Inc. holds the right to change these Terms and conditions at any time.  All changes will take affect once the website is updated.